Keto Collagen Cacao

Grandma’s Keto Collagen Cacao: A Delicious Keto-Friendly Protein Powder

✅ KETO-FRIENDLY. Keto Collagen Cacao is a quick source of clean & effective fuel. Good fats + quality protein = A healthy balance. Only 2.7g of net carbs per serving.

✅ QUALITY INGREDIENTS—NO FILLERS. Our powder does not contain binding agents or fillers like maltodextrin, glucose, corn fiber or sodium caseinate. Instead, we use a prebiotic fiber that supports your gut & digestion.

✅ COMPLETE NUTRITION. 4-in-1 Powder: Grass-Fed Collagen for PROTEIN . . . MCTs + Grass-Fed Butter for HEALTHY FATS . . . Acacia for PREBIOTIC FIBER . . . Raw cacao for ANTIOXIDANT-RICH FLAVOR!

✅ NO STEVIA OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS. Fake chemical taste no more! Absolutely NO Stevia, sugar alcohols or zero carb extracts. We use a minimal amount of organic coconut sugar as our low-glycemic sweetener of choice... because taste matters.

When it comes to healthy nutrition... it’s all about the ingredients.

In Grandma's Kitchen, nutrition has been designed with real-world, everyday struggles in mind—like inflammation, anti-aging, gut health and getting into ketosis for fat loss. It’s not enough anymore to drink your standard protein shake for a short workout boost. It’s time for your nutrition to support your body's natural ability to recover, repair and heal itself.

A full amino acid profile is what makes collagen such an important structural protein in your body. Yet, it’s missing from the average daily diet. The collagen protein Grandma uses is 10 grams of collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows in the USA. The collagen is hydrolyzed for fast absorption, and quality-sourced for purity and potency.

Grandma’s no stranger to healthy living. For the ultimate low-carb fuel, she’s enhanced her collagen by adding:

  • MCT
  • Acacia Fiber
  • Grass Fed Butter
  • Coconut Water
  • Raw Cacao

Keto Collagen Cacao is everything Grandma needs to support her all-important exercise regimen, without the blood sugar spikes from typical powders.

We selected each and every ingredient for the perfect balance of nutritional value and taste. Use Keto Collagen Cacao to support your keto diet and workouts—without the so-called “keto flu” effects. With all bases covered...

Regular protein has nothing on Grandma’s.

Grandma’s Grass-Fed Collagen
Protein is critical, but not all proteins are the same. Clinical studies have shown collagen strengthens bones, joints, ligaments, and improves gut lining and connective tissues, even skin health. Our grass-fed collagen is only sourced from USA cows and not from other countries.

Grandma’s Fats For Ketosis
For low-carb fuel, we’ve combined the power of collagen and healthy fats like MCT and grass-fed butter. MCTs can quickly metabolize into ketones and become fast-burning energy. Meanwhile, grass-fed butter contains fat-soluble vitamins (A & K2), CLA and butyrate.

Grandma’s Gut-Healthy Fiber
A plant-based fiber, Acacia serves as a prebiotic, helping to nurture beneficial gut bacteria while increasing your daily fiber intake.

Grandma’s Electrolytes
We added Coconut Water and Sea Salt to serve as natural sources of electrolytes. Now with every serving, you can normalize and balance your electrolyte levels. This helps prevent blood sugar spikes and the so-called “keto flu” effects some people experience on the keto diet.

Grandma’s Antioxidants
Unlike heated and processed chocolate, raw cacao is an antioxidant powerhouse packed with beneficial polyphenols. With a rich gourmet taste, this is no ordinary chocolate flavor.

Grandma’s Taste
Our litmus test for taste: “Does it taste good in water?” We performed numerous taste tests to achieve unforgettable flavor, and only added the bare minimum amount of sweetener. Not too bitter, not too sweet—just right.

Grandma’s Secret
Add Keto Collagen Cacao to your morning coffee for a healthy drink that feels like you’re indulging. Make the ultimate butter coffee—healthy, delicious, and more convenient than ever. There’s no other way Grandma would have it.

How To Use:
Keto Collagen Cacao tastes phenomenal in water, hot & cold-brew coffee, even baked goods. Mixes and dissolves easily, so no blender required (Grandma uses an electric milk frother). Try Grandma’s in your favorite food & drink recipes or replace your existing protein powder.

When To Use:
Use throughout the day at any convenient time. In the morning to feel full and focused. Mid-day to maintain a healthy energy level. Before or after workouts for an energy boost and fast recovery (Grandma’s busy for her age).

MPORTANT: Limited Small Batch Production! Only 450 units available.

Get your order in now! Before we run out of our limited run production of Batch #1.

Shipping Begins March 15th, 2019